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In McPherson’s article, he discussed the Children of the Confederacy. I had never heard of this organization and sure enough, it’s still kicking. Here’s the link showing the newest president of the group:

note: check out the picture of the 56th annual general convention at the bottom of the page.

This website is for the Andersonville National historic site.  Andersonville is now a national park, and the website offers descriptions and explanations of all the commemorative aspects of the location, including the national prisoner of war museum.

This article discusses the release of this year’s top 10 endangered civil war sites.  The list is released every year by the Civil War Preservation Trust.  In a related article, Wal-mart is fighting the listing of Fort Stevens in D.C.  Wal-mart is trying to open a new location on the Fort Stevens site.  So far, it looks like these plans will be rejected due to the opposition from neighborhood activists.

Topic: Andersonville


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I found this site fascinating as it highlights the very personal connection Americans feel to the Civil War. This site has posted a series a photographs that will be featured in an anniversary exhibition commemorating the Civil War. The majority of the people in the photos are unknown and so the Library of Congress is using this site as a way for the figures to be identified.

UMW History department alum and Civil War historian, Kati Singel, writes about the connections between the Civil War and Civil Rights on MLK, Jr. Day.

What does a Rebel Yell sound like?  Hear what the Museum of the Confederacy has discovered. (Via Dr. Keith Harris at Cosmic America)

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This article is pertinent to the arguments in the introductions of both books assigned to read for Thursday.  Both authors argued about the relevance of Civil War memory to the present.  This article strives to convince readers about the importance of Florida’s involvement in the Civil War.  It drives its argument with present-day examples and states, “…In case you didn’t notice, some people still are fighting the war.”

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